Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Update: It's been more than 2 years!

Hi People!

It's 2012. Happy New Year. Happy Chinese New Year as well!

It's been a long while since i got hooked up on FB this blog is pretty much neglected.

2012, i will re-invent this blog and pick-up writing again.

It wont be over night. You will see sporadic updates and design changes to cope with the new intent.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Update: it's been a year!


It's been a year since i updated my rant. Somehow i just lost the passion to write. I missed the summer movie listing too. I apologize.

Btw, in order to start writing again, let’s start with the Fall TV Season.


I know that most of you ladies are anxiously waiting for the return of Tom Welling as CK in Smallville. From the internet and ComicCon, we know there will be 2 new villains – Metallo to fill in the gap for the all the chaos Zod is bringing!

Now, it is rumored that this will be Smallville’s last season and there will be a spin-off (in the works) titled Metropolis. Rumor has it that Tom Welling has sign-on for the spin-off. No news about the other characters.

Check out KryptonSite for more juicy news and spoilers!

Smallville is to return on September 25, 2009.


At the end of last season – An Invisible Thread, concluded with the death of Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar) and Matt (Greg Grunberg) mindswipe Sylar (Zachary Quinto) to only remember him as Nathan. This season, Angela (Cristine Rose) fears Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) will soon discover who he really is (or was depending on how you see it!), The others are trying to adjust life after the event. However, a mysterious carnival clan has sets their sights on our favorite heroes. Motives unknown.

HeroesSite has the scoop!

The 2 hours season premiere starts Mon., Sept. 21st, 2009.


There are other interesting series coming our way. With BSG ended it 4 year run, there has been a slew of remake and spin-offs ready to be unleashed. We have the likes of V – one of my favorites in the 80’s – which is expected to air in November and we are also due for Caprica (prequel to BSG) and Stargate Universe to continue after SG: Atlantis ended its 5 year run.

As I unfold the Internet for more TV info, please enjoy the links below and have a good day!

TV Show Coundown List! <-- complete with links!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

kemalasan melanda

it has been 2 weeks since my last update.

Tired, lazy, and God knows how many buka puasa event i went. All the places i've been this past Ramadhan and they were good.

Even just now, i had a buka puasa with friends at Yanti's in Subang Parade. RM 30 for a decent buka puasa buffet! No pictures though because we are in the midst of submitting a tender, hence the lack of updates in my blog... what to do, have to cari makan!

I will be leaving for hari raya next week and most likely will be unreachable and probably because i don't have internet access... hahaha.


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Carnaval Chusas..chusrascr... Churrascaria!

Yesterday was a long day in the office. I was going home late as usual because of work and the guys decided to eat out yesterday. They were discussing where to go for buka puasa... and the name Carnaval was recommended by a colleague. She said you must go there!

Being a simple creature of Food and Women, we obliged!

Turned out we had the most wonderful time at Carnaval. The place was quiet and had a nice 80's atmosphere with simple decor and brazil pictures hanging on the wall.

When we arrived, the manager (an elderly chap) would greet us and ask if it is our first time. Like a bunch of virgin newly weds, we replied. He would then explain on how the restaurant operates and how to enjoy yourself. It is definitely worth to listen to the old man!

The food was amazing. I never thought Brazilian BBQ can be so mesmerizing and wonderful (minus the brazilian hostess). The food was painstakingly prepared to retain the authentic taste of Brazil and to offer the best in Brazil dining for us (minus the brazilian hostess). It was another level of dining yesterday. The food prepared was healthy food, no MSG, none of the meat tenderizers. All i can say was WOW! (minus the brazilian hostess)

There is no menu available. What they had was a half buffet (clear the salad bar) and a full buffet (clear the salad bar AND their meat selection). The salad itself had about 18 dishes. Brinjal, lady fingers, salad coleslaws, rice... to many to write down and remember!

The chefs will make their rounds bringing with them the meat selection one at a time for you to pick. And the food just keep on coming. We had everything that was brought forward to us. The lamb, meat, chicken, garlic bread with sour cream just melts in your mouth. The fish, goes well with bbqed pineapple and the assorted salad bar with fried brinjal and pasta, vegetables and onions. It really complemented the whole dining experience.

We came expecting nothing and returned as happy men!

I didn't have a camera with me, except for my lousy 2MP on my phone. The picture didn't do justice to the food so i'm not going to post them.

This little experience was RM 150++ for the 3 of us. (about 50+ each).

Great place to hang out with friends and just enjoy food, BBQ style!

How to get there:

77, Jalan SS22/19,
Damansara Jaya
Tel: 03-7725 2252
Opens daily for dinner (6pm-10.30pm)
(Same row as Maybank and EDS office, behind the Atria)

Sunday, August 31, 2008


August is a very meaningful month to me, why?
  1. My wife's birthday
  2. My 2nd daughter's birthday
  3. and of course, Independence Day - Malaysia is celebrating 51 years as a nation!
So apart from feeling patriotic and such, my poket also kopak la this month! Hahha... I bought my wife a Nikon D60 with 18-55 VR lens. Her Olympus Mju700 went south during last years' Raya... My wife likes to take pictures and she really cherished her Mju700, so takpe aaa...janji dia suka, and nothing makes me happy than seeing my wife happy (now if only i can persuade her to let me buy a Lancer GT! -- Miahahhah!!!)

For Najah, i bought her a box of Fisher Price shape box. Seems like a bit to late for a box of shape sorting but i really don't know what to give her. It seems that children nowadays are far more advanced in terms of understanding, environment and expectations... so takpe la, she seems to be brave and don't mind a little dirt on her face. Maybe i'll buy her a Lego next time!

We had a little gathering before puasa for the family and also celebrate Najah's birthday while we're at it! Kak Duna and her family was there, Gandma and Yai Wak, Yai Soud and Tatabu, Kak Nina and kids... we had lots of fun. Loads of pics were taken with the aforementioned camera... ~tu dia, teruih test! Tgk at my wife's blog for that! I'm too lazy to upload...

Anyway, Selamat Menyambut Merdeka and to my wife and kids... i love you guys very much!